Guardian Spirit
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Walter Spatny jr.
Guardian Spirit and the infinite healing of the Matrix
An actor, athlete and model from Europe, I was fortunate to find some early success working in films soon after I arrived in Hollywood. Then one horrific moment changed all of that; an assault left me hanging on to life by a thread.

Alone and left to die in a gutter, I suddenly began to feel a strange surge of energy within that I knew would heal me. During many months in the hospital, I came to know and cultivate this healing energy, and used it to release my fear and to help heal my body and spirit.

Today, I am fit, strong and more awake than ever. An unimagined gift of this experience is that I am able to channel this healing energy stream and use it to help heal others.

Healing Gifts
I often also feel astonished by the power of this light and vibration and its ability to heal at a cellular and sub-cellular level and enrich the body's own healing abilities. For those who are open, this energy allows one to move beyond healing and into the realm of personal transformation.

Your body's inner wisdom can take many forms. At times, our work together allows me to tune into your soul's unspoken guidance and desires.

Extensive Study of Healing & Energy Work
Since, I first began cultivating this attunement, I have gone on to study with various Masters. I've also studied numerous healing techniques that work with universal life force energy. My own practices allow me to connect to the angelic and spiritual realms.

The work is esoteric, but the results are tangible. Not all of us can explain how electricity works, yet we benefit from it. In a similar way, my work allows me to tap into the infinite healing energy that some refer to as the Matrix.

Ways This Healing Work Can Transform Your Life
There are no barriers to the expression of this energy. Limitation is a myth that lives within the mind. By the end of our work together not only will you feel as if you are looking at the world through different eyes, you will feel as if you have truly come home within yourself. For years, I found myself at a loss for words to explain how and why this subtle energy works. Yet my own experience and the many testimonials from my clients tells me it does.

If you are committed to freedom from pain and living life to the fullest, please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment.

May your life be filled with vitality and love.